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Plan Sealing (townhouses), Capalaba

Published 13 April 2022

Aerial image and Survey Plan

Gateway has recently obtained plan sealing approval from Redland City Council for a building format plan in Capalaba.

This townhouse development, comprising 9 units, was completed in 2019 and has since been held by the developer and occupied by tenants. Gateway surveyed the units and prepared a building format plan which creates separate lots for 4 of the units (allowing them to be sold), while the other 5 units remain on a single ‘balance lot’ which may be further subdivided in the future.

In most cases, this plan sealing process is carried out immediately after construction is completed or as soon as frame stage, particularly where units are sold off the plan or are to be sold new. However, plan sealing for multiple dwellings (townhouses and apartments) is optional and, in build to rent schemes, may be unnecessary in the short to medium term.

Any existing multiple dwelling (with necessary development approvals) is able to be subdivided through a building format plan. In fact, we have recently completed plan sealing for units over 40 years old!

If you have questions about plan sealing for a multiple dwelling—new or established—please do not hesitate to contact us.

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