Cadastral Surveys

We can give you accurate property boundary establishments, with years of experience in different cadastral surveys.

  • Registered Cadastral Surveyors—Surveyors Board of Queensland
    Accredited Surveyors—Department of Resources (Queensland)
  • Detail Surveys and Site Contours
  • Boundary Pegging
  • Identification Surveys (boundary reinstatement and identifying encroachment)
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Building Format Plans and Community Titling
  • Lease Surveys
  • Easement Surveys
  • Volumetric Surveys
  • Titling Advice
Projects residential surveys
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Property Development

We are specialists in property development and can provide a wealth of information to assist with your due diligence.

  • Preliminary Investigations (development potential)
  • Pre-lodgement Meetings and Requests for Written Advice (Council and State Government)
  • Reviewing Current Development Approvals and Advice on Post-Approval Requirements
  • General Town Planning Advice
        Subdivision and boundary realignment
        Multiple dwellings (townhouses and units)
        Dual occupancy
        Rooming accommodation
        Commercial and industrial
        Infill and greenfield development

Town Planning

Our expert town planners have worked on many projects of varying scope and size across South-East Queensland and beyond. We have the expertise to assist you with the following services, to achieve your development goals:

  • Development Applications
        Subdivision and boundary realignment
        Access easements
        Small lot dwellings
        Character dwellings
        House extensions
        Dual occupancy (e.g. duplex)
        Multiple dwellings (e.g. townhouses, apartments)
        Commercial and industrial uses
  • Development Approval Compliance
  • Extensions to Currency Period
  • Change Applications
  • Plan Sealing
        Subdivision and boundary realignment
        Building format plans ('strata titling')
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Engineering & Construction Surveys

We conduct a wide range of surveying on civil projects, including building set out, certification and mapping.

  • Contour and Detail Surveys
  • Building Height Certification
  • Building Set Out
  • Civil Construction Set Out
  • As-Constructed Surveys
  • Mapping and Photogrammetric Control
  • GPS Surveys
  • Volume and Stockpile Surveys

What we’ve been told

We can help you bridge the gap between plan and project

Get in touch to talk to an expert in land surveying and town planning, with superior knowledge of Brisbane and South-East Queensland.