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Subdivision (2 lots) in Oxley, Brisbane

Published 15 February 2022

Aerial imagery, subject site indicated

Gateway has just obtained approval from Brisbane City Council for this subdivision in Oxley, creating lots of 300 m² and 385 m² in the Low density residential zone.

This is an example of the City Plan 2014 provision for smaller lots within walking distance of a centre zone:


If in the Low density residential zone Minimum lot size
Development for a residential lot 400 m²
Where average lot size is 400 m² for the development (calculated excluding rear lots) and all lots comply with minimum rectangle dimension and average lot width requirements 350 m²
Where any part of the lot frontage is within 200 m walking distance of any part of the lot frontage of a site or sites in a zone in the Centre zones category with a combined site area of more than 2,000 m² 300 m²


How to check

Many of the small-scale subdivisions we are involved with are developed under this provision, as 607 m² (24 perch) lots are common throughout Brisbane.

Whether a property meets this criteria can be determined using Council’s planning scheme mapping. If a centre zone (coloured blue) is nearby, and its total area is at least 2,000 m², the walking distance can be measured:

City Plan mapping - zones and walking distance


Walking distance

Council defines walking distance in the planning scheme as follows:

The distance between two places, measured from reasonable pedestrian access points and along roads with verges, off-road pathways or other reasonable pedestrian connections.

The following walking routes will typically not be accepted by Council:

  • Unformed or very narrow verges
  • Excessively steep or treacherous terrain (where no footpath exists)
  • Crossing major multi-lane roads without a marked or signalised pedestrian crossing
  • Crossing a rail corridor without pedestrian infrastructure
  • Passing through private property
  • Generally unreasonable, unsafe, or unlawful routes


If you have a site that you think could meet the criteria for a small lot subdivision, let us know!

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